Tuesday, April 22, 2008

biking, smoothies and some recommendations for purchases at your local farmers' market

So I'm back to biking. I've been biking in groups this season more than on my own and I notice when I am talking and chilling, I am not really biking. Today I did 14 miles. It took a long time and I did it fast, which doesn't quite make sense...but granted I had to change an inner tube and pump the thing up and deal with all the school kids and dogs in the park today...but nevertheless it somehow seemed harder than last year...or it could be I am out of shape. Anyway, I'm back to training. 5 miles running yesterday, 14 miles biking today. small goals for increasing weekly distance. I'm doing NYC bike tour on Sunday May 4. I know its 40 miles...but with all the rest stops it somehow seems less daunting then 4 or 5 loops of the park...which can also get really boring. Anyway, I survived. I've got to get up to 3 plus loops by next week and I'm planning a trip up to the cloisters soon.

As for what I am eating to fuel these bikes rides...well is passover so there's no refined carbs. Not that I eat them anyway, but this week, there are really none. And its not like I can stomach matzah after the first seder anyway...that stuff should be outlawed. It requires two heavy duty probiotics to counter its effects and don't even get me started on the brisket.

So my fuel of choice of course as always is smoothies. I have to go get some acai from the health food store later today...so I didn't have any in my smoothie this morning. Instead I used unsweetened organic cranberry juice. Yes, it exists, but it sure is tart. I use really raw (that's the brand) creamy honey, bee pollen, hemp nuts, frozen cherries, frozen peaches, almond milk (I like it unsweetened) and fresh organic strawberries as well. Then I add 1 scoop of garden of earth perfect food brand greens powder with spirulina. Do I believe this is perfect food? Well, its pretty close. Ordinarily, I would just throw in some kale or collard greens and up the honey and fruit a bit perhaps adding some fresh blueberries, raspberries and/or a banana. Adding fresh greens gives me the sustained release energy like no other food and the blueberries add antioxidants. I could also use pomegranate juice or frozen pomegranate seeds if I could find them. I haven't seen them too many places.

I love acai. Its hard to find unsweetened. I don't know why companies feel the need to take beautiful, pure food and douse it with sugar so its unrecognizable as its original form. It saddens me. I think about the fruit added to conventional yogurt and when it was actually fruit before it was boiled, bottled, and turned into a sugary mass of unrecognizable pulp. I recommend going down to your local farmers market and buying some fresh yogurt whose cultures are actually still active (yogurt cultures go inactive in 2 weeks - so all that good probiotic you are hoping to get isn't going to be delivered to you with danon), while you are there - buy some fresh organic or low spray blueberries, raspberries and/or strawberries - they will be coming into season in just a few weeks! If you can find a local beekeeper who is selling bee pollen or honey - get some of that too and now you have the fixings for my most favorite breakfast. If you must have a bit of crunch, there's probably a baker there selling some organic low sugar granola. Look for one with 5 grams of sugar or less and ask if the sugar is refined or not. Unrefined is better. Muselix is better than granola. My friend gaby at gaby's gourmet granola sells the best granola. Find her online at www.gabysgourmetgranola.com. There are a few that are so flavorful you won't miss the sugar.

My favorite farmers market is in union square...but there are ones all over the city. Just check online under new york greenmarkets. Nina Planck has a few real markets in greenwich village as well. Red Hook Brooklyn has a working farm and be sure to visit farm stands on the east end of long island. My favorite ones are on the north fork, where in August I will do a century bike ride (third year in a row!)...and yes, that is 100 miles. You can do it too :)

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Ella the Crazy Breakfast Madam said...

oh yes, I completely agree with you - what is this need to turn beautiful healthy fruit into unrecognizable unhealthy mess?

Good luck on your bike rides! My boyfriend will be working at NYC Bike Tour, so if you see a huge guy with a red beard lugging bikes off the road or at a rest stop, wave hi. :)