Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dairy, does it do a body bad? Conflicting research on dairy...

I have been advising many of my female clients lately to avoid dairy products. I have come across a lot of research that speaks to dairy being the source of hormonal imbalances, ovarian cancer, breast tumors and many other female issues. So if you suffer from female issues, infertility, cysts in your breasts and ovaries its time to give up the milk, cheese and yogurt. I know its difficult. We all like cream in our coffee (I'll talk about caffeine in another post!) and creamy puddings and ice creams. Where would we be without tasti delite? Oh my? But here are some articles that point out the dangers of the white stuff for women at risk for cancer, cancer survivors or those experiencing exacerbated symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome:

and other articles that refute such claims:

I want to present both sides here. But I also want to point out that this latter article talks milk positively affecting health in terms of vitamin D levels, calcium intake and healthy bones. It does not mention women's cancers or polycystic ovarian syndrome at all. I am not saying to eliminate dairy, but with all things, think about moderating it in your diet. Something else to consider is the value of small farms and unpasteurized milk. If the cows are no longer pregnant when they are being milked, the level of hormones that increase PCOS symptoms and cancer decrease. So it is possible that if one consumes small amounts of unpasteurized milk from a small non-industrial farm, she might not be affected quite as much as if she were eating commercial non-organic dairy from a large industrial farm. Even organic dairies keep cows pregnant, so despite the artificial hormones not being present, there are still quite a bit of detrimental natural hormones in organic milk and organic milk products. Perhaps yogurt or good quality ice cream is a Saturday night treat (maybe once a month, I know I enjoy a good ice cream when I go out once a month in the summer). I just want you all to think about just how much dairy you consume and think about restricting it to once a day or once every two days. Don't over do it on other "fake" dairy products such as soymilk either. The key to a healthy and lean diet is moderation and portion control. Have real, unpasteurized dairy if possible. Have a little bit. Have a small amount of soy, almond or hemp milk in its place once in a while. Enjoy your life, enjoy whole foods, but let's try to curb the pinkberry!

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