Friday, August 22, 2008

kettleballs, oh my!

So I am going to be doing some nutrition programs at Asphalt Green in the Fall. In addition to doing their Triathlon Club a few years back where I trained for my first triathlon, with the help of their wonderful supportive triathlon coaches, I've been lucky enough to try out a few of their personal trainers at their very glorious athletic facilities. Equinox watch out! While Asphalt Green might not have Equinox's luxury (or Juice bar - which I have to admit, is a big draw), it makes up for in trainers. On Wednesday, I tried out Ralph, who was amazing and although I had a light workout where I wasn't really sweating, I definitely felt it in my posterior a few days later and worked out some muscles which have not been addressed in years.
Today, I had the mother of all workouts - the kettlebell workout. A kettlebell looks like an old school make it at home bomb, like the kind out of Marvin the Martian looney toons cartoons. Its apparently a Russian weightlifting technique (leave it to the Russians to develop instruments of torture...I mean, exercise equipment!). My kettlebell instructor, who was fabulous by the way, had me sweating in about two minutes. I worked harder than I have worked for most half marathons, in about 20 minutes and I kept having to be reminded to breathe. Every time my trainer, DeJuana told me I had 30 seconds to go, I thought that those 30 seconds would never end. I mean, do you know how long 30 seconds can be when you are swinging a 7 pound dead weight through your thighs? It is a very long time. Apparently, I was working with the "lightest" weight. Granted I have lifted 90-110 pounds with my quads in my prime or more but this 7 pound weight was hell. Absolute hell.
Anyway, I write about this because all in all, it was a fabulous experience and I highly recommend it. DeJuana tells me he has clients in their 80's doing this workout with him...and I bet they could kick my butt. I am a seasoned runner and triathlete and the kettelbell kicked me in the behind but good. I actually think it will be an excellent complement to my running and biking. I loved DeJuana's style and coaching. He's going to be a great partner as I kick off the Asphalt Green nutrition program in the fall and I am really looking forward to working with him. I encourage anyone looking for a fun workout, where you are going to work hard but where its really different and interesting to try a kettleball workout. Its unlike anything I have ever tried. DeJuana also teaches boxing and it was quite evident he was a boxing teacher. Kettleball workouts have many elements of boxing in the way you train. And my arms are starting to develop quite a bit of tone, Rocky watch out!

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