Friday, February 29, 2008

whole foods culinary classes, paris cheese and Yorkville CSA

I am in the process of writing a proposal to be a guest lecturer at whole foods on the Bowery. In the meantime, looks like I will be teaching my April Class there. I was perusing their culinary offerings and although I'm not an advocate for large amounts of beer drinking, I do love cheese. I'm curious if these beers are "organic" and in line with the whole foods philosophy. Here is the class description:

Friday, March 21st

Brooklyn Brewery & Fromagerie Together Again (Lecture & Tasting, Vegetarian)
7:00–8:30 p.m. $45
Meet Garrett Oliver Brewmaster for The Brooklyn Brewery and the foremost authority in the United States on the subject of traditional beer. His most recent book, The Brewmaster's Table, was the winner of the 2004 IACP Cookbook Award and a finalist for the James Beard Foundation Book Award. Garrett will work closely with our Fromagerie and their collection of international cheeses to create an exclusive beer and cheese pairing class. Taste, drink and enjoy and learn why real beer is the best accompaniment to great cheese.
Instructor: Garrett Oliver

Having just returned from Paris I am missing the cheese and bread selection just in an ordinary supermarket. Also the chevre chaud on salads I had in the 6th at a restaurant on Rue Mouftarde was to die for. I have been meaning to check out this new cheese shop I spotted on one of the side streets in the 60's off Lexington Avenue - 62nd street maybe. I'm finding nothing so far that can match Murrays, but now that I live on the Upper East Side, its a bit of a trek. I found a lovely sheep's milk brie at whole foods Columbus circle the other day. It went wonderfully in an omelet with spinach. I'll be teaching omelets with spinach and goat cheese in my upcoming cooking class on March 22 once I guarantee a location. Looks like an upper east side location is possible. I am still working that out. I am hoping to get some eggs from the Traditional Foods Guild through Sally Fallon soon. I hope I will have them in time for my class. Otherwise, I will be looking for some other more local eggs through a health food store or a co-op in Brooklyn or a CSA that has winter delivery. I have the form for the Yorkville CSA and I am currently looking for someone willing to go half wise with me since all the small shares are sold out. The CSA organizer said he can find me a partner, but I'd prefer to sort of know the person.

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