Monday, February 11, 2008

thailand travels

I just returned from two weeks in Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles, where I feasted on fresh, organic food. Free range chicken, fresh pastured eggs, fresh vegetables and herbs direct from garden to plate...certainly makes me want to move there. But how can I take lessons from Thailand and incorporate them into my frenetic New York City life? And better yet, how can you?

Eat local

The Weston A. Price foundation of New York City grants access to farm fresh eggs, milk and meats not available in supermarkets with delivery services to sites around New York City including a spot in Chelsea. Some health food stores will sell farm fresh eggs, produce and grass-fed milk and meat products.

Shop at the farmers market

There are farmers markets all over New York City that operate throughout the winter. Farms also have programs for weekly delivery 6 months out of the year for milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits that have been minimally sprayed and processed. Local fork and local harvest web sites give information on both of these resources for New Yorkers.

I went straight to my health food store - a Matter of health on 77th and 1st avenue and bought some farm fresh eggs, veggies and goat milk. The eggs made a good omelet - but a far cry from the freshness of the jungle lodge in Chiang Mai, Thailand where I communed with the chickens.

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Brooklyn Local said...

Great post Meredith! The Locavore Guide on the Local Fork site is grown by average New Yorkers letting us know where they buy local in the city. Good to hear about your local market and the eggs they get. Do you know which farms they source from?