Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buckwheat honey, yogurt and walnut treat

I've been working hard on developing recipes for an upcoming cookbook. One of my newest delights is buckwheat honey which I have been enjoying from trembaly apiaries. I bought the honey a few weeks back during my first cooking demonstration and photo shoot at the union square farmer's market. Tremaly is there on Fridays and Dwayne is very knowledgable. I've made a lovely honey yogurt dessert which I once had in a greek restaurant. The darkness and complexity of the buckwheat honey adds a depth of flavor to this treat. I am developing a recipe for goat cheesecake which will not contain any sugar or cow's milk products and I'll be using the honey as a sweetener. I'll publish the recipe after this weekend when I've had some time to experiment on my friends for my birthday dinner. In the meantime, please enjoy this recipe I developed this afternoon.


Honey Yogurt Walnut Dessert
Serves 1
1 cup thick greek style yogurt (I used liberte brand 2%, fage 2% would work as well)
1 handful of chopped of crushed walnuts
3 tbsp bee pollen (local if possible, I use trembaly aparies from union square greenmarket)
2 tsp dark unrefined honey (I used buckwheat honey)
Add yogurt to a bowl. Add bee pollen, honey and walnuts to yogurt. Stir to combine. Enjoy as a dessert or breakfast (at breakfast time use one tsp honey). Serve immediately.

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