Tuesday, July 22, 2008

executive breakfasts - stay away from muffins

OK, so I have decided that if ambrosia is the nectar of the gods well then muffins are the nectar of the devil. Seriously, these little fat globules enrobed in sugar are evil. They make you hungry within 1/2 hour to 1 hour of eating them and make you run for the carbs. I was starving, almost sweating from a sugar spike and not ingesting enough protein at this "executive" networking breakfast I attended this morning. Either I am going to have to have a serious talk with the caterer or I am going to have to start eating breakfast at 5:45 AM to avoid another encounter with the muffin. Other glorious options at breakfast this morning: Bagels and cream cheese (aka glue for the alimentary canal, seriously why do you think there's a cow on a bottle of elmer's?), nice bowl of fruit (which on its own probably would have been a good choice - but then I would have been craving protein), hard boiled eggs (which I guess I just detest, the overcooking of eggs like that just makes the protein hardly absorbable or assimilatable to the body) and highly sweetened danon fruit on the bottom yogurt (a 6 oz container has 26 grams of sugar - that's 6 and 1/2 teaspoons...come on...it is completely unnecessary) which not only had regular sugar, but also fructose, corn syrup and if it wasn't sweet enough, high fructose corn syrup, an entirely evil substance. This entire day (and its only 2pm) I've been sluggish, starving for carbs and fairly miserable. I blame the high fructose corn syrup and the muffins. Seriously when I start my day with steel cut oatmeal or a fruit smoothie with greens powder I'm happy, healthy and I want to run 8 miles. Today, I feel like crying most of the time and I am starving...regardless of what I eat. I tried to save the morning with a multi-grain lunch with lentils and swiss chard, but it didn't help and I had a bowl of cereal to stave off the rumbling in my stomach. Seriously, no more muffins, I promise...and I am going to wake up at 5:20 instead of 5:30 on 7AM meeting days. Maybe I can bring some unsweetened yogurt or gasp (really, b/c it should get a gasp) instant unsweetened oatmeal - its slightly better than muffins - but not much - at least it doesn't have all the sugar...and I can guarantee there's some trans fat in those muffins - or at least some soybean oil that's probably highly refined. So I am not writing down my food for you today because its fairly terrible and next Tuesday I'm making breakfast. On a good note - the veggies from my CSA delivery are delicious and I had some salad leaves and a carrot (with the skin still on because I was told there's nothing wrong with the skins of carrots grown locally and organically if you just rinse and scrub them a bit, not sure that I'd give the same inattention to a dole carrot). Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. I'll be running in the AM and having a lovely breakfast of whole grains and perhaps and egg...maybe I'll sauté or steam some greens or have some of the salad leaves. Maybe I need to do this cleanse after all or just vow only to eat food I have prepared and just be more vigilant about doing the preparation beforehand. This sugar is really getting to me. See what happens when you eliminate sugar - your body becomes very intolerant to it. It could happen to you too you know :)

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