Monday, July 21, 2008

Health Challenge Progress and NYC Greenmarkets

I have not yet received the Isagenix products. This is probably because I live in a non-doorman building and I am never home. It could also be because I never ordered them :) I will, soon. I'm having second thoughts about cleansing. There are so many wonderful ways to get all the nutrients I need right here in food which I can get without going more than a few blocks from my apartment. I've been doing some modified cleanses. I've been only eating fresh fruits and vegetables I buy from farmers markets or my CSA. I also got some meat and dairy from weston a. price foundation which comes from a farm in PA. I have had some gluten free or non wheat grains from the health food store and occasionally a bread or cheese from the farmer's market. I've had a bit of cheese from Fairway as well. Today, I had a spinach and feta cheese omelet with salad that I am sure was not organic at a diner near Westchester Square in the Bronx because I was traveling. I know how hard it is when you travel. I was appalled by the supermarkets and food stores in this supposedly nice section of the Bronx. Processed cheese, very few fruits, only white bread, scary looking pork products. Its ridiculous what these places call food. No wonder why so many people are obese and struggle with their health. This country is just not set up to be healthy and I guess there's a third world right here north of 106th Street and west of Columbus Avenue. I can see I have my work cut out for me. However, there is a green market right on 106th and Central Park West every Saturday and there are a few on 125th as well. There are community gardens all around the neighborhood. There is a wonderful Pathmark near 125th with a pretty decent (but not organic) produce section (but selling a lot of other questionable processed food like items) There are just a lot of options and people need to be educated.

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