Friday, May 2, 2008

interesting "diet" video all about portion control - but still advocates processed foods

Eating fewer processed foods is good - if you want to lose weight...but its not healthy. Whole grains are just that - whole grains...once you make them into a flour, as with whole wheat bread or pasta - they are no longer WHOLE grains. They are pulverized and refined.

Watch this video:

They recommend 100 calorie packs. An oreo is still an oreo - full of trans fat, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other evil substances which if you eat only one and you are overweight may lead you to lose weight but will still be filling your body with toxic substances that lead to other health problems, cancer, high cholesterol and the like. I recommend replacing processed foods with vegetables, fruits, whole grains (and I mean actual grains here: quinoa - it takes 9 minutes to make, don't complain! that's less time than most whole wheat pasta takes to boil!, buckwheat, bulgur wheat, brown rice, wild rice, barley, durum wheat...just ask me if you need help with whole grains or cookbooks/recipes). I am aggravated by this video with its cute and dopey exterior and that this is getting into the press.

They recommend low fat granola bars which have tons of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Replacing one processed food with another does not make for a healthy diet and sustainable weight loss and fullness. This is not what your body craves or needs. Please eat whole, nutritionally dense food that is minimally processed with many fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and limited animal protein from high quality sources such as grass fed beef, organic free range chicken and wild fish.

I am now going to buy a video camera and look for someone who knows how to edit videos. Please contact me if you live in New York and want to help me with this project!

The only thing to keep in your pantry is dried fruit, granola from a reputable company with less than 5g of sugar (or grains so you can make the granola yourself - its fun!) and dried beans as well as spices. If you are living off foods in the pantry and your pantry is better stocked than your refrigerator you are already in trouble!

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