Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I found this interesting article on PCOS and carnitine levels. I'd like to share it here:

PCOS Women Found Low in Carnitine

A few months ago we reported a research study
showing that a nutrient, l-carnitine, appears to
stimulate scalp hair growth. Many women with
PCOS have issues with scalp hair loss. Could low
carnitine levels be partially responsible?

Since sharing this research with you, we've come
across another very interesting study regarding l-
carnitine. It is the first study we know of that links
PCOS with low carnitine levels.

The researchers conclude: "Decreased total l-
carnitine levels may be associated with
hyperandrogenism and/or insulin resistance in non-
obese women with PCOS."

Carnitine plays essential roles in your body,
including metabolism of fat and blood sugar.

So if your carnitine levels are lower than optimal,
your energy production and fat burning capability
may be somewhat impaired. You may also have
less carnitine available for scalp hair growth.

Research has shown that women with PCOS
have lower levels of a number of vital nutrients,
including carnitine, vitamin D, and inositol. Since
you are likely to be low in these nutrients, it makes
sense to take them as supplements. This is why
we feature these nutrients in our online store.

Selective supplementation plays an important role
in helping you to deal effectively with PCOS in a
more natural way that has no side effects.

Read the full article here.

L-Carnitine is available here:

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