Wednesday, March 12, 2008

holistic cold remedies that WORK!

So I got sick on Wednesday. I have not gotten sick in two years. So this was a first. By Friday evening however I was better! My secret: vitamin C, selenium, acai fruit smoothies with hemp seeds and flax oil and the Neti Pot. What is a neti pot? Its an ancient auyrvedic tradition. The neti pot has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to alleviate sinus and allergy problems. Its great and I swear it works. It does feel a little weird and you really need to have the right angle -but it is perfect preparation for anyone considering getting certified in scuba diving. The Himalayan Institute introduced the Neti PotTM over 35 years ago. You can buy on online here: and learn how to use them by watching a video on you tube: If you are located in New York City, like I am, there is a live demonstration every day at East West Books at 14th street and 5th avenue right near union square in the cafe. I bought my neti pot there. I got a plastic one to try and save a few bucks and it works great. I also got the zinc liquid to add to the pot. I don't know if it made a difference because I didn't do a clinical trial versus placebo/saline - but I did get better pretty much by the next day after using it - so I highly highly recommend it! I do love the results.

I have also been eating more greens. I cannot tell you the results in my energy level and being able to recover from my cold. I even ran 8 miles yesterday for the first time since mid Jan the last time I ran. I just signed up for the NYC marathon lottery today. Even though I did my nine races with NYC Road Runners apparently I didn't start paying my dues until April instead of in January so I don't get automatic entry, dammit - but let's hope that lottery goes through. I wrote an email pleading to see if I could get in on my nine races - but does not look like it will work. Either way, here is hoping the marathon gods see favor on me and get me in. I'm going to start training anyway and hope for the best now that my cold is over. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to be running again and how much I have missed it. I wish all of you more balance in your life and more of the things you love and make you happy. Please visit me online at and contact me at for a consultation.

Until the next post! Stay tuned for some weekday experiences at the Union Square greenmarket, my favorite eggs and my ongoing experience with the Weston A. Price Raw milk club. I just finished my first container of raw milk - which I also drank during my cold and I think had something to do with my recovery. The milk went bad in one week. It was a half gallon and I could realistically only drink a quart in one week - even if I had milk in my tea every day and twice a week drank a cup. The raw yogurt and raw butter I got from them is so wonderful. I am just about done with it. The butter I've heard can freeze and last for months. Going to try and put it in appropriate containers to do this.

Getting another delivery next week of goat milk! Looking forward to their fruits and vegetables starting in June and either the products of the Carroll Gardens CSA or West Side CSA depending on where I am living come April 1.

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