Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some of my favorite probiotics

So as I recommend green vegetables to my clients and I eat more of them myself on a daily basis - I find that sometimes I don't digest them so well. When I can, I try to have them in smoothies. Not everyone can tolerate a green drink. I'm not asking you to take that plunge if you are not ready - but everyone should be able to find some enjoyment from a greens stir fry with ginger and sesame! See my website for a video on how to make them: or So I've been taking acidopholus pearls for a while now. They seem to help. I've also discovered a probiotic juice: Ad-Vita brand vegetarian papaya Acidophilus. It tastes wonderful and after a course of anti-biotics, its just a great thing! I have also been taking Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel in my smoothies to help restore my intestinal flora to balance and things have been working out quite well. I like la yogurt full fat probiotic formula as well when I can't get fresh goat yogurt from the union square farmers market or from Weston A. Price delivery.
Probiotics are also wonderful if anyone suffers from candida overgrowth. Symptoms of candida often appear to be those of ADHD - brain fog, tiredness, itchy skin (eczema) and of course the standard women's issues and jock itch/athlete's foot. I encourage everyone to take a probiotic as part of a healthy diet and to avoid excess sugars to prevent candida overgrowth.

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