Thursday, March 6, 2008

homeade cold remedies - a health counselor's personal recommendation

So what is a holistic health counselor to do when she gets sick and her mother and friends pressure her to go to a doctor and take anti-biotics? Does she cave? no. Does she suffer? Maybe a little. Does she take herbs and vitamins? Definitely.

So what does she take:
flax berry smoothie (recipe to follow)
matcha tea with raw honey
chicken soup or vegetable broth
raw milk yogurt (gotten from nyc weston a. price foundation yesterday - its amazing stuff!)
more honey and hot water
water and lots of it

She has no voice and she sounds like hell - but she actually doesn't feel so bad. Its kind of difficult to write proposals in this condition but she's trying.

Also, she's got an audition for grilling with bobby flay tomorrow and she needs to be 100% improved by then.

Note to anyone interested in finding her today...leave a message. She's not answering the phone. She would love to speak to you as soon as her voice recovers. The universe has an excellent way of telling us we are working too hard and need to heal ourselves - and guess what - we can. No matter how much western society pressures us to quick fix it with drugs and pain killers. Try a little rest, relaxation and tea with honey. It works wonders my dear readers.

Adding some greens to that flax berry smoothie couldn't hurt. Going to go buy some now ;).

A bientot.

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