Sunday, March 23, 2008

powerfoods and super foods

We have all heard these terms, but what are these foods. Almonds, salmon, avocados, maca, berries, acai. Ok, so maca and acai - what the hell are these foods? Maca is a root - native to south america. I've heard its on par with the Durian on taste - but they do make it in powder and capsule form which might make it slightly more palatable. It is a potent aphrodisiac and works well for women who need to regulate hormones due to menopause or PCOS. Works very well, I have tried it - femmessence brand. I have acai smoothies daily - buying the fruit pulp in frozen smoothie packets. I eat my share of berries and greens, sometimes even having a green smoothie. Check out this link for more info:,3100,FOOD_27396,00.html


Kristen's Raw said...

I try to add maca sometimes, but it tastes (and smells) like feet to me...haha, not that I'm in the habit of tasting (or smelling!) feet - again, LOL!

I love my smoothies though, drink them pretty much daily and really enjoy hemp added to them and raw chocolate. I don't think people know enough about how amazing hemp is (protein powder, seeds, oil, butter).

Cheers and have a SUPER week!

Meredith S. said...

I hear you on the maca. I prefer it in pill form and even then, it sometimes has a bit of a funny aftertaste - not as bad as the feet taste you describe. I do find it helpful in regulating my PCOS symptoms and other issues with hormonal imbalances. I have just purchased some aloe vera gel and probiotic for smoothies to try and replenish my gut flora. Thanks for reading and glory to hemp seeds. I do love them. I have not tried the butter yet. I'll look out for that. Is it like a peanut butter or a dairy butter in texture/consistency?