Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Amazing New York Restaurants

The fabulous thing I love about living in New York is the restaurants. Even as a natural foods enthusiast, there are so many great choices. I just found out about two interesting new places.

The first place is a gluten free restaurant. That's right, everything is gluten free. How amazing is that. Here is the info about it:

Opus, 1574 Second Avenue, between 81st and 82nd Streets (212-772-2220). I found out about it through an email from Daily Candy. Apparently everything is gluten free and its an Italian themed eatery with all kinds of corn and lentil pasta and their derivatives. Pretty amazing stuff.

This morning I was buying wine for Yom Kippur dinner tonight and I saw a menu for a new organic/natural foods restaurant 2 blocks from my apartment. Its called Cafe and its on 108th and Columbus. I am going to have to go try it because they have a $20 price fixe between 6-8. That looks amazing and I am excited. I will report back in a few days after I eat dinner there!

I am still in love with a new restaurant called Community on 113th and Broadway. They are all organic/natural as well and they have amazing meat, the use dark leafy greens in all their side dishes and they have a bowl of beets as an appetizer. It was amazing by the way!

I am looking to try a restaurant in the West Village called Cookshop in the next few months and I still haven't tried that raw restaurant on Irving Place called Pure Food and Wine. Somehow now that its winter, I can't quite stomach raw food - but I do want to try it one day. Happy eating!

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