Thursday, October 2, 2008

new farmers markets, sugar overload and honey for sports

So, I had an idea to try to create a sports nutrition product using honey. It appears there are two products already on the market that do this. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with these two products. The first one I found is called liquid gold made by glory bee products: . There are a lot of products there - but just do a search for liquid gold. I can't bring the link up directly. The second one I found is called Honey Stinger. I am going to order both of these products and try them out. I am a huge fan of bee pollen as a source of energy. I don't know that either of these products actually use the pollen or not.

There is a new farmers market I just found out about at 110th and Manhattan Avenue on Saturdays. Apparently they sell meat there which if its 100% grass fed and pastured is very exciting as this kind of beef is very hard to get in this neighborhood and I have to trek down to union square or spend way more than I want to at whole foods in columbus circle. I am doing a short race on Saturday morning in central park, so maybe I can stop by afterwards and see exactly what kind of meat they have at this market. I don't know if this is an official new york city greenmarket or if it is sponsored by another organization, but either way, I am curious and I am going to check it out.

I find myself craving sugar with this weather confusion. I must be protein deficient. So far the lentils I had this evening are just not cutting it. I'm looking to get myself some protein this weekend in the form of grass fed beef. I am also going to look for some good fish on the upper west side. So far, outside of whole foods (they do have good fish) and gramercy fish market I've not found great fish in this neighborhood. The fish at garden of eden is passable but not great (their shellfish is ok - but the scallops I got last week just didn't taste 100% right) and there's a place Joon I've heard could be good - but I haven't tried it yet. While I love the produce and cheese (yes I am casein addicted - even though my digestive system wish I weren't!) at West Side Market - I haven't had their fish in more than five years. Sadly, I miss Agatha and Valenta of the Upper East Side where despite incredibly high prices - they had incredible coho and sockeye salmon, which apparently can't be anything but wild, it won't grow on a farm. A few months ago I ordered some Alaskan Salmon from the Amish farmer in PA who delivers raw milk products to the Natural Gourmet. I was a bit confused how an Amish farmer in PA got Alaskan Salmon - but boy was that fantastic. I guess I have to trek down to the Natural Gourmet and place another order.

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