Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Immunity, bee pollen, green tea and buckwheat honey

So, in my arrogance of thinking I could do a half marathon without training (at all, the last run I did a week ago was 1.7 miles) I wore my body out and am now suffering the dreaded change of season headcold. I'm stuffy, I want to sleep most of the time, my head is all congested, I sound funny (which is wonderful since 90% of my job requires talking on the phone!) and my throat hurts. Not too mention the body aches and some really weird breath things going on. I tried using my tongue scraper, a tool from ayurvedic medicine to cleanse the body and the tongue for many different health reasons, for the first time in a long time today because I had this strange film on my tongue I had not seen before. The wonders of the human body.

So what is my defense: bee pollen - this stuff is amazing. Its superfood - energy producing, immune strengthening, chock full of amino acids and tastes pretty damn good. green tea (decaf) anti oxidants, chock full of vitamin C (matcha kind that you eat!) and other general goodness that has been keeping the Japanese healthy and youthful looking for centuries and my all time favorite warder off of winter colds: buckwheat honey! This stuff is awesome. It has antibiotic properties and because of its dark unfiltered form it is chock full of other nutrients. Did you know that the darker the honey the more nutritious it is. For all you beer drinkers out there - the same applies. I heard that Guinness does wonders for anemia. It probably isn't the best choice given the condition I am in now, but how many strong Irishmen do you know suffering from colds?

My thoughts for today. I also had my favorite breakfast of steelcut oats with 8 other gluten free grains and flax seeds. I think my head is starting to clear.

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