Sunday, October 5, 2008

great fall recipes and fall cooking class

As I am working out the recipes for my cooking class on October 10th taking place at Kitchen NYC on 51st Street in nyc. I found some great recipes online. Here are some of the recipes I am doctoring up for class:

If you are interested in participating in the class, here is the link:

There will be another one on November 11 and I am still working on the location. That class will focus on healthy holidays and several takes on traditional holiday fare and trying to lighten them up a bit. Turkey is great, but some of the trimmings tend to pack on the extra pounds as well as the sheer amount of eating we do. Does anyone wonder why we eat so much at Thanksgiving? It could be because the food is in front of us, but it could also be the kinds of foods: sweet potato pie, stuffing (there are often more than one), mashed potatoes to name a few high carb, high calorie sides, plus the desserts. I'm looking into a few recipes for these foods or alternatives to these foods that are still fun and tasty but pack in a few less calories. I'll also do some demonstrations of proper portions.

Using traditional foods like pastured turkeys, fresh vegetables and sweet potatoes with grass fed raw butter is also a good start for enjoyable palatable food that won't send you running for seconds.

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