Sunday, October 5, 2008

October Market Finds - Flying Pigs Farm - chicken?

This Friday I visited the Flying Pig Farms booth at the Union Square Greenmarket. I was originally in search of beef bones to make a bone broth after taking a class where I learned bone broths are an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and the other components necessary to keep and build strong healthy bones. I didn't find any on Friday because my favorite meat guy wasn't there, but I did find a chicken. A whole roasting chicken. I'm a single girl who doesn't like leftovers. I have never liked chicken. But I thought I would give this a try.

Its a pig farm...what do they know about chicken? I wondered this as I contemplated whether I should buy the chicken or not. But I read some information on pastured chickens and wondered if this would be good. Maybe it would get me to love chicken. I have been having pastured fertile eggs. A few weeks back I bought eggs at the market from Flying Pigs Farm and they were phenomenal. So I tried the chicken. It cost $10 too, which seemed like a lot for a chicken.

I got home and realized I didn't have much in the way of here's what I had and the recipe I used:

1-2 tsp of real farm fresh butter (I used Kates, but I usually use raw grass fed butter)
3-4 basil leaves torn up and mixed with the butter to make a paste
1-2 tsp of celtic sea salt (mixed with basil and butter)
2-3 cloves of garlic - smashed - and mixed with butter
1 lemon (half squeezed into butter)
1/4 cup of orange champagne vinegar (could use any herb or balsalmic vinegar or white wine vinegar)

Preheat over to 350. Prepare roasting pan with rack. Rub garlic/basil butter on chicken and make sure to get inside under skin of breast. Rub chicken with lemon and squeeze rest on top. Pour vinegar on top.

Roast chicken (I didn't turn) breast side up on rack. If any juice/fat comes to bottom - baste (I didn't get enough). Cook 1 hour at 350. After 1 hour check thighs to see if juices run clear and meat looks white.

This was the best chicken I ever tasted and I don't particularly like chicken...or perhaps I just don't like perdue chicken. I have been craving sweets all week and for the past few weeks that I have been eating vegetarian. While I still do vegetarian meals at least 3 times a week I am beginning to see how high quality, pastured chicken and beef is a wonderful addition to my diet and helpful in controlling my sweet cravings.

The other night I also had heritage pork ribs and butt at Community Food and Juice Bar on Broadway and 113th. I highly recommend this place, its one of my "community" favorites - since it is right in my community. I still haven't tried the new market on 110th and morningside park - but I'll try to get over there before November. Doing a great deal of teaching over the next few weekends, so going to make any saturday shopping hard - but I'll give it a try or send a spy soon. Anyone who goes or who has visited, feel free to post your reviews!

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